Symbotica for iPad

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It's going to be an addictive game!

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Symbotica goes hi-tech

Now is your chance to enjoy all the fun of the original Symbotica card game but with the added twist of 21st century technology!

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8 Game Modes

Symbotica can be played in 3 different ways: Three Card Symbotica, Five Card Symbotica and the Symbotica Challenge.

Three Card and Five Card Symbotica

The aim of the Three Card and Five Card Symbotica games is to score the maximum number of points. Points are scored based on the placing of the cards.

These games have Easy, Normal and Hard modes

The Symbotica Challenge

The Symbotica Challenge consists of trying to get as close as possible to the full grid of 64 cards using the same placement rules as the other games but without any scoring.

This game has Easy and Hard modes

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Please visit the Symbotica - iPad support page if you have any questions, feature requests or issues.

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