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Symbotica ticks so many boxes when it comes to a developmental game. It encourages independent play, group play, imaginative play and many, many more. I can't recommend it highly enough.

M.O'Nions - Child Developmental Expert

After playing Symbotica many times the children developed a number of new games with the cards. It's adaptable to any age group.

F.Butcher, Teacher - Year 2 (6-7 yrs)

Hand of Symbotica cards [d]

Symbotica is not only a fun game but it is educational too.

Educational Value

Symbotica offers educational value in four areas:

  • Shape and colour matching
  • Addition - adding the number of sides of the shapes for scores
  • Multiplication - multiplying the number of sides of the shapes for scores
  • Strategy - development of strategic thinking via the placing of the cards (Five Card Symbotica)

Added Value

Beyond the original Symbotica games, the cards can be used for many other games for various levels of skill and fun such as snap, pairs, set collecting or even letting the children create their own games.

Age Groups

During play-testing of the game we have seen children from the age of 3 grasp the matching concept of the game with ease and enjoy playing it.

The Cards

The pack consists of 70 cards: two sets of 5 shapes (circle, ellipse, triangle, square and pentagon) each in a set of 7 colours, i.e. two yellow circles, two yellow ellipses, etc. The Symbotica cards are plastic-coated for high durability and easy-clean play-anywhere fun. Each card is 7 cm x 7 cm with rounded corners for safety. The cards fit easily in the hand of a child.

Further Information

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Helping Children with Special Educational Needs

Symbotica has also been well received by those working with children with special educational needs. You can read about what one person had to say here.

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