Symbotica: the game to exercise the mind

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Symbotica - The Card Game

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Symbotica Slider puzzle

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A fun game for all ages
Place the cards matching the symbols or colours
One deck, many games
Solo challenge or play against others

Say Hello to Symbotica

Symbotica game cards

Symbotica is a card game for 1 to 6 players of all ages. The game is based around placing symbol cards so that either their colour or shape match their neighbours.

Symbotica Slider puzzle [d]

Symbotica Slider

We are pleased to announce the release of our second Symbotica themed game - the Symbotica Slider puzzle.

Symbotica Slider takes the traditional sliding puzzle game and mixes it with the colour / shape matching idea of the Symbotica card game.

However, where a traditonal sliding puzzle only has one solution, Symbotica Slider has many.

How many can you find?

To give you a start we have provided some of the solutions for you.

What people are saying about Symbotica - The Card Game…

My children loved Symbotica. They have played with it daily since we received it and I love watching them find and adapt new games each day, it's so versatile!

Brilliant! So simple yet so addictive! The children thoroughly enjoyed playing Symbotica over and over again.

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Coming Soon - Website Update and Exciting News

We've been quiet for a while but we are working on a completely new website for Symbotica. The new site will be featuring exclusive downloads of game variations for you to play.

We will also be announcing details of some exciting new games we hope to release during 2020.

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